About us

We are a privately owned and managed company located on the downtown of Bishkek. Also we have special offices in Tashkent, Dushanbe, Ashgabat. We are a flexible and highly experienced team, confident in arranging the most demanding land packages, offering very competitive pricing and consistently high level of service.

We are known for our attention to detail and of 'going the extra mile' to ensure the success of your arrangements. Kyrgyzstan being one of the world's most unique nature destinations with unparalleled scenic beauty and arresting nomadic way of lifestyle attracts many travelers and we help them to remember their tours for a long time. Uzbekistan is the country of bazaars and incredible architecture that will really surprise you. Kazakhstan is the most developed rich country of Central Asia. Tajikistan will amaze you with its high mountains and lakes. Turkmenistan is a unique and fascinating tour destination.

Your trip with "Travel Experts" will surely give you a memorable experience to share with friends, family and others a dream vacation and the view of a real paradise. Our guides share our passion and are some of the most educated and experienced in the business.

Our company has a team of knowledgeable and friendly drivers, guides and interpreters. Experienced professionals, they are proud to be ambassadors for Central Asian region. Whether through singing songs or preparing traditional dishes, they enjoy sharing their cultural heritage with our guests. Their humorous and helpful nature will enhance your visit to their beloved homeland.

Come on up and see for yourself what makes Central Asia so special. The company represents the life of Nomads, known over 2000 years ago. We look forward to seeing you here and helping you enjoy your Silk Road adventure.

Welcome to Central Asia!