Accustomed drinks in Kyrgyzstan

Traditional Kyrgyz drinks were important for nomadic people trekking over mountains, valleys, and steppes. In this case, we might claim that the drinks are both healthful and enjoyable. They are also both natural and functional. As a consequence, we've decided to emphasize the drinks that are recommended for sampling on a Kyrgyzstan car rent tour.

It is prepared from mare's milk and is very important in the life of the Kyrgyz people. Mares must be milked for around 1.5 hours in order to produce milk. Nomads on the plains sell this drink in leather jugs and bags. People credit a certain amount of vitamins to the kymyz's characteristics, as well as its deliciousness.

Maksym and Jarma
Maksym is often made with cereals such as talkan (wheat grain), flour, and is cooked in oil. Today, travelers may see the process of creating the drink since the tour allows them to visit local inhabitants and observe how they add water, salt, and boil cereals for a specific amount of time before allowing them to cool for roughly 10 hours. Jarma may be taken hot or cold and is extremely useful and nutritious. Drink it as well if you are really thirsty.

Another traditional drink made from cow's milk is airan. This is a drink containing helpful bacteria. When the milk is heated, cooled, and fermented for around 8 hours, the process may be observed on a tour in a Lexus LX470 car rent in Kyrgyzstan. This is a drink that may be used to satisfy thirst.

Ak serke
Another popular drink is ak serke, which is prepared from beef broth. It's called the preparation, and it's made using one liter of bouillon, 200 grams of buttermilk, and salt. It is then left to warm up. Travelers on a Kyrgyzstan tour who are hungry and rent a car might taste it and forget about their hunger.

Bozo is one of the most difficult drinks to create. Millet, maize, wheat, and rice are all natural components. Locals are always given the choice of choosing between the bozo strong and the bozo light, both of which are delicious and gentle in strength. In any event, living in Kyrgyzstan allows anyone to do anything they want when on a tour and rent a car.


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