Altyn Arashan gorge in Kyrgyzstan

Altyn Arashan gorge may be visited in a tour of car rent along the Issyk Kul region in 10 km from Karakol. True nature lovers will find this place as a paradise as there can be felt amazing smell of fir trees which are standing here from ancient times. Travel to the gorge and witness the place which in the former Soviet Union was considered to be one of the most relaxing and healing resorts - it is located at the altitude of 2600m. We would like to show the beauty of the place during the tour for you to feel the mineralization of water of the gorge. Starting to travel in the gorge you will find out that the name of the gorge means "Golden Spa". You are recommended to contact us and tell all your wishes and desires of the perfect tour in Kyrgyzstan cars for rent. In case you are not sure you are better to listen to the personnel who is going to tell you where it is better to travel.