Burana tower in Kyrgyzstan

Talking about sites and highlights we would like to notice Burana first. In the course of a rent car tour in Kyrgyzstan you will meet the opportunity of visiting and travelling to significant places of the country and due to that we would like to notice the idea of the minaret located in 60km from the capital of the country. This place you can visit when you travel in Kyrgyzstan and make a witness of the territory where used to be ancient city Balasagun. In the course of a cars rent tour you are offered to make a visit of the 45m high minaret showing us the history of the country and the people living here. It is known that in the 13th century Genghis Khan came and took to the ground the territory of the Burana tower. Then it completely disappeared in 15-16th centuries and only in 19-20th centuries the investigators were making their tour along the country and revealed the tower. When their travelling ended with the finding of significant things they gave everything to the collection of the Historical Museum in Bishkek.