Our company is glad to provide all the necessary information about the sites and highlights of Kyrgyzstan, so pay your attention to the Burana Tower. It is the minaret which is located in the Chui region. Being in 60km from Bishkek it is possible to see the testimony of the country of the ancient times. It is noticeable that the minaret is located at the territory of the disappeared city Balasagun. It is the most visited place during Kyrgyzstan tours. Mainly the tower was 45m high, in the times of the Karakhanid state. But then with constant wars and threats it became 21m high. In the 13th century Genghis Khan and destroyed the tower. Then in the 19-20th centuries the Soviet Powers made investigations and revealed the minaret. Kyrgyzstan tours are made with an aim to show the people the history of the country by viewing the ancient sites or visiting the museums like the Historical Museum. Our main recommendation is to take a tour and travel here as it is breath-taking to get to know the history of the ancient times.