Country code is 996 (312 for Bishkek). International calls can be easily made from a telephone office which you will usually be found attached to a post office. You can also call from some hotels by asking on the reception. All international calls from Kyrgyzstan go through the operator. Calls within the city from motionless telephones are free of charge if made from private telephones. Hotels sometimes charge something. Direct-dial calls within the CIS can be done by dialing 8 and waiting for another dial tone and then you have to dial the city code followed by the number.

Mobile Telephone
Most worldwide mobile phone companies can provide roaming agreements exist with. But coverage is limited. Internet is available in big cities.

Mails to and from Western Europe and the USA usually take anything between two weeks and two months. You can buy stamps and envelops in any post offices. Mail to recipients within Kyrgyzstan should be addressed in the following order: country, postcode, city, and street, house number, and the person's name. Visitors can use post offices located within some main hotels.


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