Dialectal peculiarities

When visiting Kyrgyzstan, it is customary for travelers to rent a car in Bishkek and study the language with the locals. It is the key mode of communication that assists in understanding the aspirations of others. To learn a language, one must first get acquainted with the manner in which people communicate.

The management of our firm provides a list of Kyrgyz and Russian terminology. Furthermore, the tour guides are fluent in English. They are always eager to help with any question and offer as much information as they can. Tour participants may learn about the Kyrgyz language from the standpoint of its linguistic family and history.

Fundamentally, your Kyrgyzstan tour and car rent will be based on a study of the Turkic language family. The original script was written by Orhon-Yenisey. Then, as a result of their connection to the Islamic faith, people began to talk in Arabic letters. The next topic was the Latin alphabet. As the Soviet Union got stronger, people began to adapt their languages to the Cyrillic character. It is still used in Kyrgyzstan today, but with some extra sounds.

Travel with confidence in Kyrgyzstan, knowing that our team is always on hand to help. Kyrgyz is the official language, which is divided into northern and southern variants. Russian is the second most commonly spoken language in the country. On tours with a car rent, travelers are permitted to speak with the locals, who are typically polite and ready to assist.

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