Dungan mosque

There is a site known as the Dungan mosque, located in the town Karakol of the Issyk Kul region. It is the greatly visited place by the people who travel in Kyrgyzstan. Our main desire is to show as many places of the country as we can in frames of the tour program.

Basically it was created by the Chinese architect in 1907, with the help of local citizens. Though in 1877 the locals left the territory of China as people in flight. And now Kyrgyzstan tours are made in the mosque of the Chinese style, and it can be viewed in the choice of the colors, like  yellow for being rich, red to be protected from the evil spirits and green for the family to be happy.

When the Soviet Union came, religions were completely prohibited, and all of the religious sites were closed. Kyrgyzstan tours were impossible to be made here. Than with the end of the war, the heads of the Muslim community initiated a great amount of money for the needs of repair after war. It gave the beginning of the admission to the mosque.