Eagle hunting

Eagle hunting is a famous show originating in 12-13th centuries. The main idea can be seen by all who travel in Kyrgyzstan. It is the activity connected with birds taken from nests as very babies. They are domesticated by berkutchi and seem to be very respected by people of the village. They brought fur and meat not only to family but also to all of the villagers. Any tour will be going with attending the show as one of the peculiar types of shows.

Basically in Kyrgyzstan tours all will find out that the skills of hunting are going from generation to generation, as there are no a lot of people who are aware of some details. Berkutchi take and domesticate the eagles for about 20 years, though birds live approximately 40-50 years. Those who have a desire to watch the show should make Kyrgyzstan tours in October and visit Issyk Kul, Naryn regions and Bishkek. The price is going to be about 100$.