Evergreen summer tour

Day 1: Bishkek - Ala Archa - Bishkek
Happy to see you in Manas International Airport, as our drivers meet you there and take to the center of the capital, Bishkek. This seems to be the route on rented cars along Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Central Ala-Too Square, Old Square, National Philharmonic, main locations of the city. That is why we continue the wandering about Ala Archa gorge. This is a Natural Park at the Tien Shan mountain range. Being based in 45km from the city it tends to be one of the most visited one in the country. Get back to Bishkek for the night taken in the hotel.

Day 2: Bishkek - Burana - Chon Kemin
The tour along Kyrgyzstan is organized with the route to Chon Kemin gorge, visiting the Burana Tower. This tower is created in the 11th century, with the museum of Balbals (stone warriors) based here as well. Just as arriving to the gorge guests are offered the excursion along the area, with viewing the beauty of the mountains. At the same time the local family gives lunch of traditional style, with then organizing the horse-riding trip. On horses everyone is able to get to many of the distant sites, as mountains are huge and there many sightseeing of natural meaning. Night and dinner is going to be organized in the stay of the locals. 

Day 3: Chon Kemin - Issyk Kul lake northern shore
The pearl of Kyrgyzstan, the lake based at 1608m is known to be the perfect view for the guests wishing to see the heights and the beauty of the lake, being 180km long and 60km wide. At the same time, among the foreigners and the local people the lake takes a great importance, as it is based literally in the center of the mountains. Local people for 1500 years consider it being a holy one. Issyk Kul is a salty lake, and it tends not to freeze in winter. All along it is considered to be of curative qualities. Night is made in the local hotel.

Day 4: Issyk Kul Lake - Karakol
With the day started at 8am, the invitees are going to travel along the north of the country, visiting the sites of ancient stone inscriptions and petroglyphs. The first ones are known to be created 800BC by the ordinary ancient people, with the second being depicted by the shamans 200 years ago. As we continue the trip to Karakol, main sightseeing of the city is witnessed by us. Among such places we show the Dungan mosque and Orthodox Church. These are two religious places and are popular among the people of those beliefs. Night is held in the hotel.

Day 5: Karakol - Jeti Oguz
The gorge of Seven Bulls, more famous as the Jeti Oguz gorge is identified as the gorge of red rocks. At the same time it is famous for being in the appearance of the bulls in a row. Walking along it, we are glad to offer the vaulting the Broken Heart Mountain. This mountain is famous for the view as well as the panorama view. Kumis, national drink of the local people is offered among the people going in the mountains. Have your night today in the yurts, we are always glad to show the real life of the nomadic people of the past times.

Day 6: Jeti Oguz - Issyk Kul southern shore - Bishkek
Bishkek city, as the capital of the country, is going to be visited again, as we are going back. Today having the expedition on cars for rent along the south of Issyk Kul we make a stop at the Bokonbaeva village. Today it is seen as the village where many of the hunters are ready organize the show of eagle-hunting. So today our guests are able to have the photo with birds, eagles, right on your hand. Night is held in the hotel, with the dinner offered in the restaurant.

Day 7: Airport
In the morning there is a trip to airport. 


02 pax - Mitsubishi Delica
04-10 pax - Mercedes Sprinter


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