Folklore show

Happy to be the ones to introduce folklore show of Kyrgyzstan as one of the most interesting but so stunning activities. Such shows can be witnessed by all who are in Kyrgyzstan tours and wish to travel everywhere. First it is required to notice that folklore is divided into songs, sanat, riddles, proverbs and puzzles. The main places take legends and myths of the country and all of the sites here.

Guests will be able to witness the musical essence of the Kyrgyz people as a tour is going to be on the highest level. At the same time all will find out that there are special instruments like komuz, kyyak, chopo choor to make a performance more cheerful.  

There are men who take a very important place in folklore in the country. Akyns are able to make an oral representation of anything the public wants, without accompaniment of musical instruments. Also, there are manaschi - they are able to retell the entire epic without interruption.  It takes about weeks. Kyrgyzstan tours can be organized the way for visitants to be in Bishkek or Kochkor village to take an active participation in folklore show. In Bishkek it costs 100$, in the village about 50$. Anyway, it worth waiting.