Coming to Kyrgyzstan it becomes clear that glaciers also take place here and should be investigated by all taking routes. Glaciers are sheets of ice which never melt due to severe temperatures and great level of precipitations. As a tour can be taken, it contains a number of routes along which the people can achieve unforgettable emotions. We recommend all to travel in the country after discussion of all details, advantages and disadvantages of the country and each particular trip.

In the time of the development of Kyrgyzstan tours, it becomes clear that glaciers in the valleys are named as "Ice Rivers" which move at about 3-40cm in a day. These valleys are covered with snow on a permanent condition. 30 % of the total area of the country and 4% of the surface area are covered with snow.

Those who take programs of Kyrgyzstan tours in our country are free to witness the Enilchek Glacier, the Ak-Sai and Adygene in Ala Archa National Park). Do not be afraid to tell us your wishes, as we work according to desires of our guests and hope to make all satisfied.