Grigorievskoe gorge

There are a lot of gorges in Kyrgyzstan which should be witnessed at least in the program of a tour, and the first noticeable is Grigorievskoe gorge. Being here guests can see that it is also located in the Issyk Kul region, just in 35km from the lake. All can travel along the territories of the gorge and make a witness of the peaks Kum-Bel of 4200m and Eshenbulak of 4647m. Kyrgyzstan tours made here are the best option to feel the nature of the Tien Shan firs. Usually the smell of the trees make people forget about their problems.

For us it is a great pleasure to show the severe river, the paths for the mountaineers to pass, alpine lakes. Our main aim is to make all be totally involved in Kyrgyzstan tours as no one will stay indifferent.