Highest Lenin locality

Kyrgyzstan is rich in beautiful nature, charming natural attractions, as well as mountain peaks. You should also learn about Lenin Peak, which is located in the Osh region in the south of Kyrgyzstan. Customers of the country will be able to find out many facts about the country, research information and travel along the border with Tajikistan. The peak has a height of 7134 m. You will be able to learn the territory of the peak, visit many attractions in a rented car on tours. But you should know that the top of the peak can be covered by clouds due to weather conditions.

You can also find out that the weather is unstable and changeable in the mountains, depending on the altitude. The first person to study the mountains was the explorer A. P. Fedchenko, and discovered the mountain in 1871. You can also find out that in the past, the name of the chief and governor was named Kaufman Peak. In the tours, guests of the country will be able to find out that the peak now has the name of the current leader.

You can find out that in 1929 there was the first expedition, but then not all the participants were able to reach its top. Also, after the Soviet Red Army repeated the campaign, the team members were able to install and bring a monument to Lenin to the top. Further after these events in 1967, 301 expeditions were able to conquer the summit in honor of the anniversary. This hike gave people 16 new routes.

You will be able to learn a lot of facts on tours in Kyrgyzstan, but you should be aware that the mountains can be dangerous for those who explore the country on their own or in the company of professionals. You can rent a car, but you should know that in the mountains there can be dangers in the form of avalanches and crevices. There can also be dangerous weather in the mountains, as it is unpredictable, and you need to know about the secrets. Later, there were tragic events in the country in 1974, when a team of women was caught in a storm, and in 1991, a team of 44 people was captured by an earthquake.