Highland ranges in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country of heights, where people can do hiking, but the great heights can be vaulted just by professionals. That is why today the tour can be easily organized in Kyrgyzstan, when you travel along the mountains on rented cars. Our team is always ready to give the detailed information connected with any tour along the mountains, for example, there are about 88 ranges here. And most of them tend to be connected with each other, some of them separated.

Concerning the ranges of the country, the main one is the Tien Shan Range, also seen as the Celestial Mountains range. For the following ones, we identify Chon Alai in the south, being in great connection with the Pamir System. All along with it, the range makes a country to be divided into north and south. As you travel along the state, there is chance to get to see the longest one Kakshaal of 582km and the Kyrgyz Range of 454km then.

As we talk of the opportunity to rent a car, guests are able to turn to the managers of the team, along with getting of the facts about the Terskey Ala Too range. It is identified being the shady mountains range, while  the Kungey Ala Too being sunny mountains. Be sure of the famous mountains of Pamir-Alai dividing the Tien Shan mountains into Turkestan and Alai ridges. High in the mountains temperatures tend to be low, with the constant snowing. At the same time being in any part of the country, the Ala Too mountains can be seen.