History of Kyrgyzstan

History of the territory of Kyrgyzstan is very rich and interesting which makes it the main subject of the talk between guests. Now we need to notice the Tien Shan Mountains as they are our country as well. During the tour all will find out that the country is surrounded by mountains, we are in the heart of them. That is why there were a lot of attempts to travel here in the part of Kyrgyzstan tours.

Pyotr Semyonov made an attempt in the 19th century. The investigator was the first to give the first trustful information about the territory of the country. Then in the 7th century BC the Buddhist monk Hsuan Tsang used to be here, he identified the territory as covered with constant snow and never ending severe winds. Kyrgyzstan tours were also made by Marco Polo in 1273 with an aim to make the country more recognizable.