Horse games and other national games

We can truly say that Kyrgyzstan is a country of nomads and while being here in a trip guests can watch horse games and other national games. It is one of the great chances to see nomadic essence in the mountains of the country.

We would like to present you some of the games as Kyrgyzstan tours can't be done without such activities. The first to be seen in a tour is kok-boru. It is based on the teams of 8 people playing with a dead goat and trying to put it in the goals of the other team. Then goes the game Erenish. Here men are on the horses and try to get their opponents from the backs of these animals. Then as guests travel here it is possible to witness the wedding game Kyz-Kuumai. It is played when the people want to get married. The groom tries to catch the girl, after that he must kiss her and then marry her. They are on horses as well. At the same time there is a game alysh. It resembles wrestling and seems to be popular among people even today. Toguz korgool is the game of intellectual side when opponents play in the times of absence of war. As being in the period of Kyrgyzstan tours visitants are advised to watch some of the games as they show the true essence of the country and the people.