Issyk Kul lake

Welcome to travel to the famous site known as Issyk Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan. We are glad to provide all the necessary information of Kyrgyzstan tours, but first our desire is to tell more about the lake itself. It is located at the heights of 1600m above sea level, being surrounded with the mountains. As in the time of the development of the tour all will find out more details about the emergence of the lake, translated as "hot lake". The reason is that it never freezes, even in the winter. Come here and make sure in it! There are the legends which tell us how the lake could appear.

It is possible to organize Kyrgyzstan tours along northern and southern shores of the lake. These are perfect sites for enjoying purity of nature. At the same time guests can swim in the lake, they can take sunbathes on the shores, buy fish and corn. Also, thrilling boat cruises can be taken.


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