Khan Tengri

As Kyrgyzstan is surrounded by mountains, the next point of discussion is peak Khan Tengri. It is located near the border with Kazakhstan, being of 6995m above sea level. But during a tour visitants will be able to find out that the cap of ice brings additional height - 7010 m above sea level.

This peak was investigated by P. Semyenov Tianshansky. In 1857 he managed to get in the region. But his greatest mistake was seen in the absence of division between Khan Tengri and peak Pobeda. That is why both peaks were named as Khan Tengrio during different period of time.

As guests travel in the mountains they get to know that this peak has a local name - Kan Tau (Blood Mountain). The name is derived or from the idea of red sunsets, or from the great amount of mountaineers died.

One of first managed Kyrgyzstan tours was made in 1931, by the team from Ukraine. Though up to 1989 there were prohibitions from the Soviet government to vault the mountains. It can be described by care about the people, and by the idea that the government was not able to protect the people at heights. When you take Kyrgyzstan tours it is better to make a witness of the Enilchek Glacier, Merzbacher lakes.