Konorchek canyons

Talking about wonders of the earth, we mention Konorchek canyons, located in Kyrgyzstan. Everyone driving to Issyk Kul can make a visit of the canyons and they tour will surely be the perfect ones. They are seen to be divided into Large and Small. Guests can travel in 125km from Bishkek and find themselves in a rocky sand formations. They were created with strong winds and constant temperatures.

Kyrgyzstan tours to the canyons will be going along the volcano of 3mil years old. It is so thrilling to visit the site of the ancient times. The canyon is estimated to be 1,5 million years old. At the same time visitants think of this place as the one to bear the history of everyone who was there since the old times. Our advice is to organize Kyrgyzstan tours here to be able to see gripping sunsets, but take care of a hat, as the sun is shining greatly.