Konorchek gorges as the means of the countries beauty

Boarders have usually a desire to visit various destinations of Kyrgyzstan tending to be the main ones as they express the greatness of the country. That is why we travel to the Konorchek canyons, taking the car for rent and covering 125km from Bishkek. Being here pay attention to the division into the Large and Small canyons.

Invites tend to have a desire to visit the country and this location again, after leaving it, due to the fact of some natural magnetism. On rented cars we get to the canyons and view the labyrinths, created by natural winds, making up the stone columns. So during the tour here the means of the volcano of 3 million years old are seen. By the way there are always strong winds here and they made up the columns of 500m high. Have your own tour in Kyrgyzstan and we are sure you to travel along the most desired locations of the state.


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