Kyrgyz Handicraft

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan pay your greatest attention to handicraft which is seen as one of the peculiar features of the Kyrgyz people. We would like to give you the opportunities of making a witness of famous sites of the country where you can travel and get pleasant emotions. While being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan car rent you will be able to see that almost everything is made of leather - cases and vessels. In this case we would like to note the following vessels which are familiar to all nomadic people of the country and of the world itself. Here starting to travel in Kyrgyzstan you can notice that chanach is used for transportation of kumis, kokoor is used for the idea of serving the drink to guests and of course sabaa is used for the creation of it. Being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan rent a car we recommend making a witness of the process of creation of carpets like Shyrdak, Alakiyiz. Everything is decorated with a great amount of lines and blooms, animals. Starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan we recommend you to travel to the village Kochkor where famous carpets are created.