Kyrgyz Mountain ranges

In case you want to travel to various mountain ranges of Kyrgyzstan, our company can offer a car rent service, that will definitely make your tours more enjoyable. We will introduce you to the basic information about the territory of the country. About 88 ranges are located on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Some of them are connected with each other, some are separated.

The Tien Shan Range, or the Celestial Mountains, is considered the main range in Kyrgyzstan. There are also ranges like Chon Alai range, located in the South. It is connected with the Pamir System and it divides Kyrgyzstan into North and South. Mostly travelers explore the country and admire the magnificence of mountain ranges. The longest ranges of the country are called the Kakshhal (582 km) and the Kyrgyz Range(454 km).

The guests have an opportunity to rent a car and discover the beauty of Terskey Ala Too range. It is translated as the "shady mountains range". During the tours you will be able to visit Kungey Ala Too range means the "sunny mountains". Tien Shan mountains are divided into Alai and Turkestan ranges by the Pamir mountains. The snow constantly lies on the tops of the mountains and does not melt. Due to that Ala Too mountains, "the colorful mountains" are visible from any point of the tours in Kyrgyzstan. 


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