Kyrgyz Musical instruments

Musical instruments have always been the main mean of cultural life of the Kyrgyz people. During tours in Kyrgyzstan you will see that almost everything was going from generation to generation and nothing was written down. It means until the 20th centuries there were no written testimonies of important and significant moment of the life of the country and the people. One of the most famous notions which any tourist can pay attention to when they rent a car to travel in Kyrgyzstan is epic Manas. It is one of the greatest epics in the world and consists of 500,000 lines of text. During tours in Kyrgyzstan you can make a witness of performances made by manaschi. These are the people who are able to make a representation of the epic without interruption under the music of komuz. Also, the great interest take akyns. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan cars rent you can listen to them making an improvisation on any idea. And of course any performance may be going under the accompaniment of national instruments temir-komuz, kyl-kyak, core, sorny, choor and zhetigen. Starting to travel in Kyrgyzstan you have great opportunities of witnessing performances made by manaschi and akyns.