Kyrgyz Rukh Ordo complex

Rukh Ordo complex is the place where everybody who lives or travels in Kyrgyzstan must visit. In the course of a tour of Bishkek rent a car in the country you have an opportunity to make a visit of the complex which is the identification of the cultural connection. We are glad to show you the real world of peace and hope for better future of ancient people. Starting a tour to be travelled in Kyrgyzstan you get an opportunity to make a witness of the real purpose of the place. First we would like to notice that it was created for the people to respect the others and be tolerant to other people. It is located in the heart of mountains, in the Issyk Kul region. From the north there is Kungei Ala-Too and from the south the pearl of the country. There are five domes, white ones, each symbolizes the unity and the center of peaceful life of all. We are glad to welcome you to take cars to rent travel to this site in the course of your tour and hope you will be pleased.