Kyrgyz traditional drinks

Would you like to learn about Kyrgyz traditional drinks and taste them? Then it's time for you to contact us to book a tour with the rented cars service through which you can travel around Kyrgyzstan and learn about Kyrgyz national drinks. Drinks play a significant role in the life of nomads who walked through the mountains, valleys and steppes because they had to quench their thirst. Kyrgyz traditional drinks have the property of saturation and taste. Here we will now tell you about those drinks that we highly recommend travelers to taste during the tour with car rent Kyrgyzstan Lexus LX470 service.

This is a Kyrgyz traditional drink made from mare's milk. By the way, to get this milk, it is need to milk the mares for about 1.5 hours. This drink is often found among nomads in pastures. Usually kymyz is served in leather jugs. Travelers during the tours with rented the cars service in Kyrgyzstan can taste this drink, and find out that some people use this drink for medicinal purposes because it contains a lot of useful vitamins.

Maksym and Jarma
This type of Kyrgyz traditional Kyrgyz drink is made from cereals. The composition includes talkan, a cereal made from wheat flour, and is mostly fried in fat. Traveling around the country with car rent Kyrgyzstan Lexus LX470 service, tourists themselves sometimes see the process of making Maksym, which requires water, salt is added there and the cereal is boiled for a certain time, and then left to cool for 10 hours. After cooking, jarma can be drunk both warm and cold, it is very nutritious. Jarma is usually popular during the hot season as it can quench your thirst.

It is also a type of Kyrgyz traditional drink made from cow's milk. Travelers can try Ayran during the tour. To prepare this drink, first the milk is heated and then cooled and fermented for about 8 hours. Ayran is also popular during hot seasons as it is drunk cold to quench thirst.

Ak serke
This is a rather interesting type of Kyrgyz traditional drink that is prepared from one liter of beef broth, which must be mixed with 200 grams of buttermilk and salt. After the process of mixing the ingredients, it is left warm.

This famous drink is known for its complex preparation process. It is made from millet, corn, wheat or rice. This delicious drink can be very strong and less strong to choose from. And so traveling around Kyrgyzstan with the rented cars service during the tour, all tourists have a chance to taste these drinks.



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