Kyrgyz Yurt

Being in a tour in cars rent Kyrgyzstan you have an amazing opportunity to make a witness of the real Kyrgyz dwelling - yurt. We are glad to introduce you such an opportunity and organize a tour in Kyrgyzstan which is going to cover all the significant sites of the country along with the process of taking the yurt together and apart. We would like to note that yurt is actually created for people and it identifies atmosphere of peace and kindness. Those who are not sure about tour to take in Kyrgyzstan we recommend to contact our managers and they can inform you about how and where to travel in the country. There are special competitions which are oriented on the people to take the yurt together faster than his competitors. It is the competition which you can visit when you travel in Kyrgyzstan rented cars. The yurt is made in the form of the circle due to the idea of it to be stable against strong winds of mountains where weather is unpredictable and winds are severe and strong. For you it is going to be a great pleasure as we open the possibilities of witnessing truly nomadic customs and traditions. Your tour in Kyrgyzstan is going to cover all the customs and traditions which we are glad to introduce. Happy to give you this opportunity and let you travel in Kyrgyzstan with following all the rules of the country.