Kyrgyzstan History

When travelers start their way in Kyrgyzstan they find out a great amount of facts of the history of the country, its territory and history. Right now we would like to inform you about the history of the Tien Shan mountains as the main part of the country. During tours travelled in the country it is possible to find out that that there have been made a lot of tours to the mountains though it was strictly prohibited to rent a car to travel in the mountains. Probably the reason of restrictions was seen in the absence of the ability to find those who were lost. Or there was the absence of the necessary equipment. Who knows, so to say. And of course we are happy to inform you that the first information we found out it was safe to trust was given by the Russian investigator Pyotr Semyonov in the 19th century. For his investigations of the country during tours in Kyrgyzstan rented cars he was given an award of the title Tien Shanskiy.

Going further we can see that in the 7th century BC the tour was made by the Buddhist monk Hsuan Tsang. He was travelling in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and found out that it is always snowing there, any season of the year. And also in 1273 the investigator Marko Polo with his uncle and father were travelling in our mountains.