Kyrgyzstan in different seasons

One of the recommendations of ours is to investigate Kyrgyzstan in different seasons. The country is rather picturesque and any tour can give ways of seeing its nature. For guests our company has decided to outline peculiar features of the weather, but first here are the seasons:

Spring is the period of March to May, summer from May to September, autumn from September to December, and winter from December to February. But situation can change as in the mountain country everything depends on the altitudes.  

Temperature in winter can get to the point of -10 °C. It may be very cold here and you should have more warm clothes. There are basically heavy snowfalls, severe precipitations and with every height it becomes colder. Visitants can find the country mostly impossible to be passed in the winter, as boarding houses are closed, paths are also closed. But ski resort in Karakol welcomes the visitors of the country.

In spring people can find warm weather coming. Temperatures may be about + 16 °C (60 °F), less precipitations are noticed. Main problems are seen in threats of flood and avalanches. But it is the very time of nature starting to burst. Farmers start their works in the gardens. And of course animals are awakening.

In summer Kyrgyzstan tours are more popular, as weather is hot and it is not necessary to take a lot of warm clothes. But all should know that with every new altitude it becomes colder. Even in summer it may be snowing high in the ranges. Basic temperatures35 °C (95°F) - 45° C (113° F) and higher. What is possible in summer? Swimming, diving, rafting, horse-riding. As it is the season of trips, book your journey in advance.

 In autumn weather is more comfortable than hot. There are no crowds of people and it means Kyrgyzstan tours will be more interesting and comfort. Average temperatures are + 16 °C (60 °F) - + 3 °C (37.5 °F). It is the time of nature changing colors. Amazing photos picturesque panoramas can be made. In the end of autumn there are high risks of precipitations so book your time to travel beforehand.