Lakes are seen as interesting natural creations, mostly presented as valleys or cracks from earthquakes flooded with water. There are about 2000 lakes in Kyrgyzstan and being in a tour some of them will be surely visited. For the guests our company is glad to outline main lakes of the country, which can be visited. They seem to be the point of a route investigators travel.

So, the first one is Issyk Kul Lake. Being at the altitude of 1600m above sea level it seems to be within an easy reach. Kyrgyzstan tours are the great option to make a way to this lake, any season of the year, as it never freezes, even in the winter. So, welcome to the pearl of the country, the lake translated as "warm (hot) lake" from the Kyrgyz.

Then goes Son Kul Lake. It is one of the most stunning places at the height of 3016m above sea level. It can be visited only from June to September, as almost all the time the territory is covered with snow, precipitations are high. We will be very happy if our guests decide to take Kyrgyzstan tours right to this lake.

Chayr Kul is the lake at the altitude of 3530m above sea level. It is peculiar for having no outflows in the other rivers. Then goes Sary Chelek Lake. It can't be freely visited as it is a valley, flooded with water with a National Park in the center of it. So without a necessary permission it will not be visited.