Language is the main way of communication among people and one of the problems can be absence of knowledge of the language of the country where you travel. Unfortunately people do not speak the same name all over the globe. So, guests wishing to take a tour in Kyrgyzstan must know that there are 2 languages - Kyrgyz and Russian. The first one is the official language of the country.  In Kyrgyzstan tours all can notice that the majority of the population speak it. It seems to cover changes. In the very beginning information was going throughout geneerations, in an oral way. Then there was the Orhon-Yenisey script, then in 1927 the Latin Alphabet. With the Russian language of the Soviet Union times there was a development of Cyrillic alphabet which is still used. The official language is divided into dialects - northern and southern. As for the Russian language, it is of the international communication. For your convenience in the time of Kyrgyzstan tours we will provide guides and vocabularies for guests to feel comfortable here.