Lenin Peak

We are happy to announce that there are a lot of mountains in Kyrgyzstan which are the home of the tops like Lenin Peak. Being in a tour here our guests will be able to wander about the hills, highlands and lowlands of the country in order to be the witnesses of the beauty. It is truly seen to be pristine. Long time ago, when there were the powers of the Soviet Union it was prohibited to travel in the mountains. The reason was unknown and still we do not know why the government gave such prohibitions. Kyrgyzstan tours are organized the way for the guests to be able to feel here comfortable with no worries and difficulties.

The peak is at the height of 7134m above sea level is one of the highest tops in Central Asia. The highly-experienced alpinists can bravely vault it, but the amateurs are better to wonder the height and the beauty of it from the bottom of the range. Being the member of Kyrgyzstan tours visitants will be provided with experienced guides, drivers and of course a fascinating trip program.