Manas complex

Manas complex is said to be the cultural center visited by lots of people annually on the basis of Kyrgyzstan tours. It may be seen in 15km from the town Talas. The building bears the great historical significance for the Kyrgyz people. Taking a tour in Kyrgyzstan it is required to make a visit of the complex as here guests can listen to various legends of emergence of the complex and other sites of the country.

Visitants are free to travel here and immerse in the history of the Complex, bearing the Kyrgyz culture which concerns the hero Manas. He is said to be the one to come back from the Altai mountains to the mountains of Tien Shan. The site is said to bear the meaning of the Karakhanid state. As it was created 5 centuries before the events in the famous epic happened. We offer Kyrgyzstan tours to our guests as hope the locations chosen by us will be amazing from the side of the historical events.