Kyrgyzstan is a country of high mountains that is why we need to outline all known about geography and biology. It is well known that today our country is the main aim of a tour taken. It may be explained by the variety of choices of where to go and what to visit. What should be notes is that alpinists see the mountains as the main goal of their life, so that is why they travel here.

In the time between Kyrgyzstan tours guests will be informed that the entire country is located at the altitudes, 94% above 1000m and 71% above 2000m. The 2/3 belong to the Tien Shan Mountain Range. It is divided into Northern, Western, Eastern, Central and Inner ranges. Kyrgyzstan tours will be a great opportunity to get to know some more about high peaks of the country - 23 ones above 6000m, 80 peaks above 5000-6000m.