Peak Lenin

Talking about great sites of Kyrgyzstan we pay attention to peak Lenin as one of the peaks located at the border with Tajikistan. Guests taking routes here can get to know that the peak is 7134m above sea level and is considered as one of the highest in Central Asia.

In the former Soviet Union the peak was the 3rd highest one, and those times it was prohibited to organize Kyrgyzstan tours. Now guests are free to travel in the country and get acquainted with the history of the country and the landscape. Our managers are glad to organize a tour for all, it is only necessary to contact us.

As for the cases of investigation of the peak, in 1871 the explorer A.P. Fedchanko made a route along the Northern Pamirs. It was one of the first explorations which could have been trusted. In the past the peak was named after the governor - Kaufman. 1929 is the year when there was made an expedition along the peak with a local name of Kuh-i-Gamo (Warm Mountain). Then the professionals decided to repeat the vaulting in 1934. They managed to put the monument to Lenin. Moreover, in 1967 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union about 3001 people made a successful vaulting.

Unfortunately, there were unsuccessful attempts failed due to weather circumstances. Women in 1974 were caught by the storm, then the earthquake took 44 climbers in 1991. So according to this information we can say that it is rather dangerous to wander high in the mountains and before taking Kyrgyzstan tours on your own everyone must turn to professionals.