Peak Pobeda

There is an abundance of peaks in Kyrgyzstan, and one of the famous ones is peak Pobeda. It was named in honor of the victory in WW2 in 1946. The peak is located in the Issyk Kul region, at the border with the Chinese side. While guests make a tour and travel at the bottom of the peak, they will find out that it is 7439m above sea level.

The name in China is Tomur Peak. Long time ago there were made a lot of attempts of vaulting it. But the investigator P. Semyenov was the first to visit it. He made the mistake and had taken the peak for the Khan Tengri one. That is why both peaks were named as Khan Tengri but in different periods of time. Kyrgyzstan tours of those times were made in different periods of the history, so in 1938 the team of the Soviet Union tried to reach the top but failed. Then in 1955 the team of members from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan were the one who almost reached the top of the peak. But only 12 members stayed alive, others were taken by natural forces. The recommendation which can be given is seen in the necessity to see your own powers and forces in some deals and not to go on for Kyrgyzstan tours not being prepared.