The relief of Kyrgyzstan attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is picturesque and beautiful. The total length of the country is equal to the size of Nebraska or England and Scotland combined. Tourists from all over the world always want to visit our mountainous country and can rent a car. Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country. The territory of the country is full of mountain ranges. It borders several countries.

You can see Kyrgyzstan by renting a car and enjoy its views. Kyrgyzstan is a country that borders Tajikistan, China, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The state is mountainous and famous for its beautiful rivers, lakes, gorges and valleys

Tours in Kyrgyzstan will take place in most cases at altitudes of more than 1000 meters, as there are mainly attractions. The country is rich in glaciers, which are located high in the mountains and are out of reach. They never melt. The country has many beautiful deserts and steppes. Kyrgyzstan owns about 6.3% of agricultural land, 4.25 % is covered with forests, 4.4% is occupied by lakes, and 4% is covered by glaciers.

Tours will take you to the cleanest places of nature; you can admire how beautiful it is here, and enjoy the harmony with nature. Do not forget that you can rent a car in Kyrgyzstan. The winds are not afraid of the people and the mountains protect the city.