Those who have already been in Kyrgyzstan say that it is the country of enumerable rivers. According to the precise estimation, there are about 40000 rivers but not all of them can be points of a tour. Basically some of the rivers were created in the result of high precipitations, or melting of ice, snow and glaciers.

In the past rivers were seen as the mean of transportation, now these are great sites for rafting. It is possible to travel here and take Kyrgyzstan tours in order to feel the adrenaline in blood. We have decided to outline main rivers of the country which can be seen:

The River Naryn is the longest river of the country - about 535 km. Moreover, it is the main place of rafting and canoeing trips. The river seems to divide into the Big and Little ones. It is also the base of the famous Toktogul Reservoir. One of the problems of this creation is seen in the process of drying up, as it happened with the Aral Sea, when Uzbekistan had dried up the waters.

The other river is Talas. It is located in our country but is known for been the location of the Chinese people sufferings in 751 which led to the opening of secrets of paper and silk creation. When guests take a trip here they are given all the historical facts.

The Chui river is located in the north of the region Naryn and can be seen during the trips along the Boom gorge. At the same time it is going to Kazakhstan then, along the Kyrgyz Range.

Kyrgyzstan tours can be organized to the river Sary Jaz. It is located near the peak Khan Tengri and seemed to be the aim of the creation of bridge between our country and China in 2003. But the idea failed. The last river we would like to talk about is the Chatkal. It is in the west and seems to border Uzbekistan. In the past years it was allowed to do rafting along the river to Uzbekistan, now it is not possible as the situation became stricter.