Son Kul lake

Kyrgyzstan is a perfect place from the point of view of natural landscapes, and one of the sites guests should see is Son Kul Lake. It is called as the second pearl of the country, where a tour should be going pass. Our aim is to make you travel at the heights of 3016 m above sea level. Note that at the heights it becomes colder, with every new altitude temperature becomes lower. The lake is surrounded by mountains, it is literally in the heart of the mountains, at great heights.

The territory of the lake is presented by amazing pastures and meadows.

The nomads put their yurts here in the warm periods of the year. It is recommended making a route here from June to September, as during the other time there are severe precipitations; snow is lying of the thick sheet. The lake was seen as fishless one, though in the times of the Soviet Union it was brought here on purpose. So now Kyrgyzstan tours made along the lake are full of emotions achieved from the spell-binding beauties of the territory, from the communication with the local people and of course with flora and fauna. We hope guests will find the part of their soul in this place, so that they will have a desire to return here again and again in the part of Kyrgyzstan tours- it is a fairy-tale!