Traditional drinks of Kyrgyz people

The history of the Kyrgyz people has more than 2 thousand years. We still honor all the customs and traditions. On holidays, we prepare national dishes. The most popular of which is beshbarmak. Although, oddly enough, such an ancient people as the Kyrgyz have a very poor menu. People in Kyrgyzstan have always eaten and eat only meat and after that there should be national drinks that quench thirst. In tours we will taste most of drinks. It will be more interesting if you take a car rent.

Kymyz is a traditional Kyrgyz drink made from mare's milk, by carefully whipping. Kymyz is prepared only during the period from May to September, when the mares feed their offspring and they can be milked. Kymyz has a tonic effect and at the same time is slightly alcoholic.

Maksym and Jarma
This is the Kyrgyz national drink made from grains: barley, millet, wheat and corn. It has a sour taste. If you are interested in Maksym, you can try during tours through Kyrgyzstan. Also it is good drink while being in trips with car rent service.

Airan is a fermented milk product that is common in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. It is a thick mixture that tastes like yogurt. Airan has been drunk for 15 centuries, and its invention is attributed to the Turkic nomadic tribes. They had spent their entire lives hiking, and therefore needed a drink to quench their thirst and hunger on the way.

Bozo is a low-alcohol Kyrgyz national drink made from millet and millet with the addition of yeast. In tours you can taste on your request.

Ak serke
We can describe ak serke as a soup with buttermilk which is tasty after meat.