Traditions and Customs

Being in Kyrgyzstan visitants can notice a rich sort of traditions and customs which are waiting for all to feel and retell to their family. The culture in our country can be seen by all in a tour here, as while guests travel the local people show with themselves the true essence of their life. It is seen in songs, musical instruments, cuisine and so one. Of course everything is going throughout generations and being member of Kyrgyzstan tours it is still impossible to find out secret details.

One of the main customized traditions is hospitality. The local people are very kind and friendly, they are ready to welcome you and treat with national food and drinks. Nevertheless, visitants should know about peculiarities of bread in the country - "komoch-nan" - a round bread, "tandyr-nan" - a tandyr bread, "boorsok" - permanent decoration of the table. As Kyrgyzstan tours are developing, it is possible to drink national drink kumis in any part of the country.

At the same time there are traditions connected with the wedding. Here girls must have the box with pillows, blankets, carpets and all other expensive clothes and things.