Uzgen complex

Uzgen Complex is located on the shore of the river Kara-Darya. The location is also seen at the territory of extremely ancient city Uzgen which is estimated to be about 2000 years old. Your tour will be organized by our team and we promise to show the complex of 11-12th centuries.

Basically the complex is seen as the Northern, Middle and Southern sides, created in different period of time. Guests are free to travel here and get to know that the north is presented as the minaret. And the entire complex was created in the times of the Karakhanid epoch. We are glad to organize excursions during Kyrgyzstan tours and let all know that the northern part was created in 1152-53. It used to be 45m high but with various threats and destructive actions it became 27m high. Visitants usually come to Kyrgyzstan with an aim to see something extraordinary, and we are glad to provide such an offer to all. Kyrgyzstan tours are based on the desires of guests and wishes of their souls. No one will stay dissatisfied!