As for the traditional dwelling of the Kyrgyz people we would like to show the yurt. It is made of the wooden structure, of felt without nails and metal at all. When guests travel in Kyrgyzstan they usually want to get to know what it is like to be the nomad, so we welcome to visit the yurt. For now there are still people who live in the very mountains and being in a tour it is possible to watch the process of the yurt taken together and apart.

We can say that it is the dwelling created for people to bear harmony and good-heartiness. Usually the yurt is said to be created for people to change their place of living with the cattle going their way. Kyrgyzstan tours in our company are created the way for all to feel the nature of the Kyrgyz people, the essence of nature and history. There are even special demonstrations and competitions for the people to show the skills of taking the yurt as soon as possible. Guests are free to wander about the country as Kyrgyzstan tours are created the way to cover all of the sites necessary to be seen by all investigators of new things.