Cultural tour 3

Kyrgyzstan tourTour 3

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Cultural tour

Duration: 8 days 

This adventure concludes the visiting of the most famous places of interest in Kyrgyz Republic. During this tour you will visit the tower of Burana that was constructed in the 11th c. A. D. and is one of the oldest minarets on the territory of Central Asia; also you will see Issik Kul Lake - the Pearl of Tien - Shan Mountains. Issyk - Kul is the 2nd largest mountain lake in the world and the biggest lake in Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, we are going to show you ancient petroglyphs that refer to the 8th c. B.C. and many other places that will attract your attention.  

Places to visit: Bishkek - Issyk Kul Lake - Karakol - Tamga - Bokonbaevo - Kochkor Village - Son Kul Lake - Bishkek 

Tour summary:

Day 1: Bishkek - Issyk Kul Lake
You will be collected by your guide from Manas International Airport and accompanied to Bishkek. The drive from the Airport to Bishkek will take half an hour. You will start the day in Bishkek with a nice breakfast. After breakfast you will be transferred (200 km.). On the way, we will visit the minaret, which is dated the 11th c. A. D. -  Burana Tower and the open air museum of Balbans - stone warriors that are situated nearby. After having traditional lunch, we go on our way to the lake. The Celestial Issyk Kul Lake is the 2nd largest alpine lake in the world; it is situated at the altitude of 1608 m. above sea level. The Lake is also called "the pearl of Tien - Shan". After our arrival in the Hotel you will have a rest on the northern shore of the lake where you can lie on the warm sandy beach or swim in the lake. Lake Issyk Kul possesses curative qualities due to the salty water. Your dinner will be served at 7 o'clock in the evening.

Day 2: Issyk Kul Lake - Karakol
The day starts with a breakfast at 8 o'clock. Then you have free time to swim in the lake till 12 pm. After that, you will start your trip to Karakol city by car (200 km). On the way, we will make a short break to give you the opportunity to visit ancient stone inscriptions (dating back to 800 B.C.), including the local museum. You will have a second stop during the trip at 12 o'clock, where you can enjoy lunch in a relaxed atmosphere, before continuing our way to Karakol city along the northern shore of the sparkling pearl of Central Asia, which's beauty you will be able to enjoy to the full during another break, where you go on a one hour cruise on a steam boat. Then you will be transferred to Karakol city. National dinner will be at 8 p.m. Night in a Guesthouse.

Day 3: Karakol - Tamga
The entire morning is dedicated to a guided Karakol city tour. You will be served breakfast at 8 o'clock.  After breakfast we will visit the Dungan mosque, which was built in Chinese style without using a single metal nail. This will be followed by the visit of the old wooden Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral. Soon after, you will visit the museum of Prjevalsky, who was one of the world's greatest explorers. His main successes were: the crossing of the great Taklamakan Desert and the finding of more than 4000 species of flora and fauna, including the horse that was later named after the explorer. We will end this sightseeing tour with a customary dine and at 1 p.m. we leave Karakol and start our trip(30km) to the striking Jeti Oguz (Seven Bulls) Canyon. There you will see the Broken Heart Mountain, which you will be told nice fairy tale about. In Jety Oguz there is sanatorium where you can take a hydro bathe or get a massage session. After that we can explore the Jeti Oguz Valley:Yuri Gagarin's holiday house, yurts, alpine flora, or Chong Kyzyl Suu Valley with its geophysics station built in 1948 and hot spring waters. Transfer to Tamga Village. Tamga is the place where the Tibetan monks lived in the 13th century and left carvings on the stone in the Tamga Gorge. In the Tamga Guesthouse dinner will be served. Optionally you can go to sauna. You will also spend the night in the guesthouse of Tamga.  

Day 4: Tamga - Bokonbaiva - Kochkorka (120km.) 
At 9 o'clock breakfast is served. After breakfast you have time (till 12 o'clock) to have a rest on the Issyk Kul Lake southern beach or to explore Tamga village. After that we start our drive to Kochkor Village by car. On the way to Kochkor, we will have a break in Bokonbaevo village, where, in the house of a local eagle-hunter, lunch will be served. He hunts hares and foxes with the help of the birds of prey (traditional way of nomads hunting activity). An eagle hunting show can be arranged. After that, we will continue our way to Kochkor via the Orto - Tokoi water collecting reservoir. In the Kochkor village you will meet a family that will show you the way of national felt carpets production. You even will be able to make your own carpet. You will have a traditional dinner with a local family. The dinner will be accompanied with a special national music performance. Night is in the Kochkor Guesthouse.  

Day 5: Kochkor Village - Son Kul Lake
Breakfast. After that we will be transferred to the 2nd biggest lake in Kyrgyz Republic - Son Kul. The Kyrgyz nomads with their families started to come to this wonderful area for rest and relaxation since ancient times. Naryn region herders come to the lake to use it as summer pastureland. Son Kul Lake is surrounded with the mountains; it is situated at an altitude of 3013 m. above sea level and is the highest alpine lake in Kyrgyzstan. On the way, lunch will be taken. You will be free to walk around and enjoy lake's virgin nature and its surrounds, after our arrival. Dinner and overnight stay are in the collapsible nomadic abodes - yurts. Yurts are built without nails. They are made out of wooden skeleton that is covered with thin felt mats.  

Day 6: Son Kul (3013m. above sea level)
Your breakfast will be served at 9 a.m. After that you have free time at Son-Kul Lake to explore its nature on your own. You can ride on a horse along the lake, or just relax in the wild, but calm nature atmosphere. At 2 pm your lunch will be served. Followed by that, you will see also ancient petroglyphs and shamans ritual stones. It is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with nomadic traditions and its culture. You will spend the night in yurts as nomads do. National dinner will be served in unique nomadic houses - yurts.  

Day 7: Son Kul - Bishkek
We start our trip back to Bishkek city (the capital of Kyrgyzstan) after breakfast that will be served at 8 a.m. In Bishkek you will have a sightseeing tour. You will visit many places of interest including the ceremonial heart of Bishkek - Ala-Too Square, the History Museum, Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Pobeda Square (Victory Square), National philharmonic, Osh Bazaar, The Kyrgyz Museum of Fine Arts. Lunch. You will be given a separate program that lists, and describes briefly the all places. A goodbye dinner is served at 7 o'clock in the evening. Overnight is in the Hotel****.  

Day 8: Bishkek City - Europe
At the pick up time prearranged according to the details of your flight, your guide will meet you in the hotel and accompany you to Manas Airport.