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Kyrgyzstan archaeologists

Judging from the description here, along with clearly medievalVym remnants of material culture, which were the bricks, there were also older, Saka-Usun items. The most characternym of them was a "copper pot."
One would think that issue has been resolved, clarity included: Issyk-Kul are underwater monuments, and extracted from the bottom of articles chronologically rather distant from one another: from the first millennium BC. Oe. to mid-second millennium AD. Oe.
Collected by local historian FW Poyarkovnye and handed in his time in Tashkent museum booty from the bottom of Lake Issyk-Kul - a sword, the tip of the peaks, the bronze is thenand other very different time items, Kazakhs, it would seem, should have convinced the real existence of archaeological sites on the lake bottom and innot required for further refinement of serious scientifictions, but expressed doubts as it is not the fruit of the imagination, when natural scientists are tuff, I will notchi or archaeologists or historians, gave a legenDarney underwater castle? Suffice it to say that two qualified member of the same expedition - the artist S. Dudin and orientalist V. Barthold in 1804, expressed on this opposite opinion. Thus, SM Dudin after inspection of the boat in the lake area Koi-Sary said that "the underwater wall" - is not nothing but a thick shale, washed with water, represent a "typical sedimentary formationtion, which, of course, in adobe walls in any case should not be allowed. " Barthold did not share his point of view of the artist and was confident that the lake really bears traces of ancient life. The size and shape GOVERNMENTAL found at the bottom of the lake bricks, fragments of ceramicomy he attributed to the underwater ruins of the post-Mongol times. Convinced that the underwater ruins of the Issyk-Kul - the remains of medieval settlements, Barthold not given, however, no explanation of ¬-to-find natives in underwater againvaline near the mouth of Tiup more ancient copper implements (knives, lances, arrows, axes, sickles), does not jibe with the Middle Ages chronologically. In c. Transfiguration (now s. Tup), a scientist athave shown a large copper cauldron on three legs soldered found in the five miles from the mouth of the river. Tup. Barthold wanted to buy pot, but asked for it so expensive (30 rubles), it was beyond their means. But he immediately bought a copper knife, "similar to the copper implements." This allows the scientist to tribute to their past.

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