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Kyrgyzstan documents

At the time, looking documents from the archives kan  tselyarii Turkestan governor-general, we find that it ruzhili  "On the archaeological discoveries at Lake Issyk-Kul, the acquisition of diving apparatus, and Nai  IU divers for underwater research in the Issyk-Kul. Description of the suit, "dated November 15, 1871 - October 20, 1873 found that more than one hundred years ago an attempt was made the first underwater archaeological investigations of ancient pa  monument to the bottom of Lake Issyk-Kul - villages and towns. To the extent possible, see below.
After solicitations GA Kolpakov  sky and prior formal notice, KP Kaufman writes Kronstadt credit builder  Posti Konstantin Yakovlevich Zverev letter with a request  battle to help organize the study of underwater mysteries of the Issyk-Kul. "Lake Issyk-Kul - he wrote - located within the area Semirechensk, pre  himself seems very rich material for archaeological  cal research. Found at the bottom of this lake and the river flowing in the signified, at different times of the ancient things indicate that the area where the lake Issyk-Kul, was an entirely different conditions than at the present time ...  Unfortunately, archaeological Nachod  ki so still poor, because mined by chance, not interested  resuyuschimsya nomadic population, and on the way again ous that there are more data to a conclusion ... "And the Turkestan Governor-General asks Kronstadt specialists to assist in acquiring the necessary diving suit and attracting professionals divers. "At the same time, - pi  sal Kaufman, mainly to take into account that since the purpose of this invitation to suit up pa  mainly archaeological izys  kaniya, in this case requires a people-centered development, capable, strong and does not drink." The last remark  tion was not random.


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