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Ak-Suu pass. Located in the central part of the Kungei Ala-Too. Between the upper reaches of the rivers Chon-Ak-Suu (Issyk-Kul) and Ak-Suu river (a tributary of the Chon-Kemin, Chu catchment)


In the north west of the pass is the Ak-Suu Glacier (north slope Kungei Ala-Too) and the south-east - the headwaters of the Chon-Ak-Suu. On geomorphological type - destructive ice pass, that first river eroded and then processed in the Pleistocene glaciers probably Peremetnoe type. The pass connects the upper valley of the valley Chonkeminskoy Chon-Ak-Suu and Issyk-Kul basin.


Ak-Suu (Semenov) gorge. The asphalt is up to 15 km (named after the Russian explorer Peter Semenov "Tien Shan") to the mountains from the village Semenovka determined. The road runs through the valley of Chon-Ak-Suu ("Big White Water"), past the tourist center "Kyrchin" (hotel has 240 seats and other facilities), and leads to Jailoo (Alm, 2010 m) the Kichi Ak Suu ("small white water").



Trekking Kyrgyzstan: Trek 15

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Trekking

Duration: 14 days


Day 1: Arrival in Bishkek, where we meet you at the airport and we will pass to your hotel. Where did you have breakfast and rest. Noon transports you to Con Kemin valley (1900 m). Where you are placed in the traditional board. Dinner is at 19:00 clock.
Day 2: After breakfast you will pass and travel (1 hour) of -Kemin in the valley of the Kashka-Suu (a trekking tour starting point, 2 000 m). The dinner will be organized on a way. The trekking tour makes a tour down to the valley of the Kashka-Suu River Koi Suu (2 350 m., 6-7 hours) in Kyrgyzstan. Overnight of tour accommodation is organized in tents.
Day 3: At 7:00 every morning. The trek and travel takes a detour into the valley of the River Koi Suu to Severnaya Cholpon-Ata on the river (2 550 m., 6 hours) in Kyrgyzstan. Overnight of tour accommodation is organized in tents.
Day 4: Trekking tour and travel to Severnaya Cholpon-Ata to the river Zapadnaya Ak-Suu river in Kyrgyzstan, camp under a glacier (3000 m, 3-4 hours.). Dinner is at 19:00 clock.
Day 5: At 7:00 every morning. A trek of a river valley Zapadnaya Ak-Suu River Chon-Ak-Suu (3066 m., 6-7 hours), through pass Ak-Suu (4054 m). The dinner will be organized on a way. Overnight of tour accommodation is organized in tents.
Day 6: Trekking tour makes a journey through the valley of the Chon-Ak-Suu (2375 m, 4 hours.). Night of tour in the tent.
Day 7: At 7:00 every morning. Descent into the valley of the river Chon-Ak-Suu to Grigor'evka Gorge. Transmitted over north shore of Issyk Kul to area Bulan-Sogotu where one of the largest hotels is on Issyk Kul, "the Aurora Issyk-kulskaja" hotel built during the Soviet era and is reminiscent of bygone era in the history and architecture (160 km). Dinner is at 19:00 clock. Night of tour is organized in the hotel (1 609 m).
Day 8: It's your day of rest. A free time in Issyk Kul, relax and swim in Lake. The arrangement in "the Aurora Issyk Kul".
Day 9: At 7:00 every morning. Transfer Lakes Synu-Kul from Lake Issyk Kul (300 km from Bulan-Sogotu, and pass through the village Kochkor Kalmak Ashuu (3 250 m), 6-7 hours). The dinner will be organized on a way. Dinner is at 19:00 clock. The arrangement in Yurtas.
Day 10: Trekking tour makes a tour along the north coast Syna-Kul to the east and south sides, 5-6 hours. Dinner is at 19:00 clock. Overnight of tour accommodation is organized in tents.
Day 11: At 7:00 every morning. And we are the round of trekking tour down the northern shore of the lake to begin South Coast by east, 5-6 hours. Half of the days of free time Lake. The dinner will be organized on a way. A relaxation and a horse walk, Lake. The arrangement in tents.
Day 12: In the morning transfer to Bishkek (365 km) through the village Kochkor. In a way, visit the Burana Tower (11th century), the remnants of the Empire Karakhanids in Central Asia. Dinner is at 19:00 clock. The arrangement at the hotel "Ak-Keme" (800 m).
Day 13: At 7:00 every morning. City tour of Bishkek. Excursions and sightseeing. Visits to museums, Eastern market, souvenir shops. The RESORT. A dinner and a supper in a city. Night of tour in hotel "Ak-Keme" organized.
Day 14: We will meet in the hotel and the airport. 


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