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Kyrgyzstan lake

The expedition was commissioned to lead a mining engipy IV Ignatiev. When you return to the Khan Tengri in September 1886 he held the boat a special ocMotrya bottom of the lake in the Koi-Sary. Here the water was found millstones, granite ball isknown destination, ceramic tableware, discoveredWoman congestion burnt bricks, which, in the opinion of the scientist, could be the only remains of the walls. Judging by the list of items, these were the remains of monuments of different periods, trapped under the water of the Issyk-Kul. Sam I. Ignatieff took them all to drevneusunskim.
In 1888, after the death of the great Travelingka NM Przewalski, an expedition to Central Asia, headed by M. Singers. He is also interested in the underwater ruinsXia on Issyk-Kul, and personally examined them. "To the west of the Przewalski, in the areas of Koi-Sary, at the bottom of Lake Issyk-Kul - recorded a scientist - are remains of a small ancient town, lezhaschie near the southern shore of the lake at a depth of about Saty feet." Burnt bricks, which were found here, was of small size and is decorated with some of thesamples. As a scientist, told the local Kyrgyz, they are often found in the ruins and fragments of clay Neuware, copper pots and coins, as well as humancal skull and bones. One of the Kirghiz - Dzhelamana, "very curious and truthful," HMGsamples was presented "two brass, a very ancient coins found in the ruins."


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