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But interest in the underwater mysteries of the Issyk-Kul has not disappeared. In 1886 geologist IV Musket is in the physical-geographical department of the Russian geographical society report ¬ REFLECTION 'motives and objectives of the study ¬ Khan-Tengri "- to organize a special expedition to the mountain system of Khan Tengri in the Tien Sa ¬ no. And while the scientist skeptical of the presence of underwater ¬ chiyu castles and villages on the lake bottom, are as ¬ melting traces of the ruins of the product of specific geological deposits, nevertheless thought it necessary for them to follow ¬. "As the final mission involves relatively ¬ projectile in Karakol (now Przhevalsk. - Ed.), Ie, in the valley of the Issyk-Kul - reported IV Muskets members of society - the organizers of the ex ¬ peditsii - and on the way back, too, will be in the valley of the Issyk-Kul, it would be highly desirable that it took as much as possible the study of the remnants of ancient settlements in the Issyk-Kul (Emphasis added. - Ed. ), which has long been known to last time ¬ get me all the more interesting, especially since the opening of the Syrian monuments in the county Tokmak, ie, areas adjacent to Lake Issyk-Kul. Especially interesting to check out ¬ Institute of finding these ruins of ancient settlements located on the northern shore of the lake at the river. Ak-Su under the water level. At the same desire to trace the spreadrelatively newer and character ¬ Shih tuff, which, having a fractured right, sometimes mistaken for the remains of artificial walls, for example, in the southeast corner of the lake near the Beregov."

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