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For even vysokopo  tation officials in Siberia and Turkestan, mired in corruption and drunkenness, as at one time so vividly narrated Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Pyotr Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky - direct witnesses to life colonial officials suburbs.
Because of domestic appliances and diving suits of the special circumstances and archaeo  logical problems, was not, Zverev, getting pre  Satisfactory description of several promotional samples from the Paris show, he asked, not whether to buy them abroad, where "the device suits the product  HN significant improvement, "but they are all dumb  heavy cost of money. Thus, one of the proposed bathrooms  perfected French diving equipment with regulated  gravitating air tank, called "use  artificially light," Gold Medal award at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1867, cost 1625 rubles - the amount for that time enormous!
In Tashkent sent a detailed description of ska  fandra with pictures. But ... as often happened in history  theory, eventually the money was for the purchase of apparatus, and the invitation was not a diver. Sail  nick suddenly sank, AP Mabuza at the time did not come. And good intentions have remained nonsingular  mentation. Only archiving evidence of unfulfilled dreams of the governor.

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